TMVA Members Agree to:

Demonstrate integrity by conducting ourselves fairly, ethically and honestly in all situations and in a manner that complies with local, state and federal laws

Use sound accounting practices in financial reporting and comply fully with contracts and agreements.

Offer only high quality merchandise, food and beverage products and services to the public at all times; and be committed to the highest standards of quality assurance, sanitation and safe handling practices.

Create and promote service and excellence by maintaining clean equipment, serving a variety of attractively presented, fresh and nutritious products; offering these items in a reliable and convenient manner in serving our diverse customers.

Respect and deal fairly with employees, customers, clients, suppliers, competitors and other industry members as well as the general community.

Promote a safe environment for our employees, customers and the public by maintaining safe vehicles, driving practices, equipment and facilities.

Strive for excellence by developing employees and management through continued education and training and to customers by using appropriate technology to ensure accuracy, quality and successful transactions.

Active involvement in community activities, participation in industry associations and the governmental process to protect the industry.