Tim Gilts

TMVA is an excellent networking tool for me and my Company. It allows for interaction outside the office to develop better business relationships.

Nile Hawkins

The knowledge and educational benefits I receive from being a member of the TMVA is a needed tool in todays fast paced and ever changing world.  I have enjoyed the advice and friendships made in my years of membership and look forward to making many more over the years to come.  Being able to have a positive effect on the industry I work in is a rewarding experience for my business as well as myself. –

Shane Chapman

I’ve been a member of the TMVA for several years now.   This organization has helped Chapman Vending tremendously during that period of time.   Obviously, the networking and industry knowledge has been great, but I’ve also made some great friends as well.  

Kendall Smith

Currently and for the last ten years serving as Vice President of Business Affairs at Accent Food Services, based in Austin. Previously with Sawyer Vending Service (Austin) for 23 years until Sawyer became part of Accent. Served as President and General Manager there.

Dominic Macerola

Born in Italy, Dominic Macerola immigrated to the United States in 1966. He started Rome Refreshments Services, a Houston based vending, coffee and water company in 1978 with a high school diploma and a few dollars in his pocket. He has been president for over 33 years. Dominic is married and has four children.

Donnie Watkins

A Oklahoma transplant, I went to school at Oklahoma Christian University moving to Mineral Wells,Texas In 1986. In 1988 I begin my career in the vending industry as a maintenance technician, route driver, and warehouse manager. I have one child, Colton, who will graduate from Oklahoma Christian University in December of 2012. There are many activities that I enjoy such as golf, softball and basketball. When I’m not playing, I’m officiating. Farming and ranching take up the rest of my time.

Phil Bernish

Phil was born in St. Paul , Minnesota. After graduating from Bemidji State University Phil moved to Austin, Tx in 1986 to begin his career with Vistar. Sine 1989 Phil has been the Sales Manager in Houston, Tx. Phil has served on the TMVA board since 1995. When he is not working he enjoys golfing and he loves to travel.

Patrick Moran

Patrick is the co-owner of Moran Munchies Inc. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Evangel University and a Master of Divinity from the Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary. He has completed the Executive Development Program at Michigan State University and the Boy Scouts of America Wood Badge Leadership Training Program; the highest level of adult Scout leader training available. He serves as President of the Texas Merchandise Vending Association, Secretary of the Whitehouse ISD School Board, Committee Chairman of Cub Scout Pack 370,

Egan Little

TMVA means not having to invent the wheel. Networking with your peers is incredibly valuable. You can speak with other operators to find out the perks and pitfalls experienced by operators and learn from them.

Patrick Moran

TMVA has been a great investment and way for our business to connect with other leading operators in the State. Our business continues to benefit on many levels from our involvement in this great Association. Additionally, our vending industry interests as a whole are protected in Austin with greater State-wide participation.

Lynda Arnold

TMVA is like my second family .The friendships and camaraderie of this association over the years has strengthen my ability and growth as a sales associate .The character of the people in this organization has changed my view points and enriched my life. Memories, old friends and acquaintances, I am grateful.

Alan Munson

As a former operator and current technology provider, I’ve seen the great value TMVA provides to the entire industry. Advocacy, relationship-building, and education are just a few of many reasons why I’m proud to be part of a tremendous organization.

Rich Brennan

The TMVA is a great way to stay in touch with all aspects of the vending business. We tend to get wrapped up in our business and sometimes lose sight of what is going on around us. The conventions and meetings give me insight to what is going on in the industry. There are members from all parts of Texas, and from every segment of vending. Each get together is a learning experience and a chance to see people I’ve known for years and don’t see very often.

Charley Nelms

I have been involved in the TMVA Family for 27 years.  The knowledge that is readily shared between members is for the continued growth and strength of our industry.  The educational and legislative benefits are most worthy.  Get Involved!-

Patrick Meleton

The Texas Merchandisers Vending Association has a fascinating, rich history and is a large part I believe in why Texas does so well in our exciting industry.   The caring members truly strive to help each other succeed by sharing tried and true methods while at the same time introducing new information that helps us leap forward.   From the sharpest brokers, reps and suppliers to knowledgeable operators, each share a common thread of looking out for your best interest.   At each year’s annual convention I am captivated by the pioneers principles that have led us to this point,

Darin Duecker

We had been members of TMVA in the past, but we didn’t use the resources that TMVA has made available to us.  Once we started paying attention, we noticed that TMVA would allow our business to stay on top of all the current happenings in our industry.  It has helped us take the much needed steps to prepare our business for the future of our industry as well as understand the laws that do and might affect our business.  TMVA does so much work behind the scenes for our business.  

Scott Holloway

TMVA is an invaluable organization for our business. It helps us stay connected to the industry, operators and other suppliers. Together we work to do what is right for all of our customers, consumers, and communities.