Letter from the President

Hearing from our membership across Texas, I’ve come to realize that we all deal with very similar struggles, and find similar successes.  Part of what has made this industry so successful is our ability to organize and network, to protect the industry that we all know and love.  Having been a member of TMVA for over 30 years, I’ve seen changes in the industry, but the basic principles of hard work and innovation continue to help us all be successful.

Membership in TMVA provides office coffee service, water and vending operators unique opportunities, including networking with other business owners and operators, education about emerging trends and best practices, and the ability to advocate for laws and policies that will help our businesses thrive.

One such example is the work we have done to ensure that the tax calculation on our products remains at a level which allows our businesses to continue their work in promoting growth and creating jobs in the Lone Star State.  By rallying together as TMVA members, we have the ability to work together to help enact real, measurable, and important change that not only allows us to be successful, but also supports the growing Texas economy.

As the industry changes and the world becomes more mobile, operators have a unique opportunity through organizations such as TMVA to connect with one another and find creative solutions to today’s changing business needs.  Networking  provides an opportunity to learn from each other in a way that helps promote our industry as a whole.

Lastly, the programs and events made available by TMVA bring together some of the experts in our field from across Texas and the Nation, to help educate our membership on how to implement new technology, learn best practices for managing new regulation, and change the way we market our products to fit the ever-changing needs of our customers. As the market changes, and our companies begin to diversify such as the addition of office coffee services, micro-markets, and water service;  learning lessons from these experts will help us better meet the needs of our customers and blaze new trails in our industry.

I would hope that every operator in Texas would take advantage of the numerous benefits offered by TMVA membership.

As we look forward to another productive year, we  hope that you will join us for our Annual Conference in San Antonio in September of 2016.



Dominic Macerola

President, Texas Merchandise Vending Association.


Link to PDF of Letter From The President (for printing)