Harvey Relief


If you would like to help TMVA do an AOK (Act of Kindness) to help support people affected by Hurricane Harvey, find out more here!
TMVA has partnered with The Stamina Foundation to allocate funds received through their foundation for Harvey relief initiatives at this time.

Dear TMVA Members,

Due to the current weather impact of Hurricane Harvey throughout East Texas, we wanted to reach out to you to ask that you inform us regarding your current situation and future business plans. We understand the impact of this disaster on your business as well as on your employees as we are undergoing many of the same challenges with our operations and we want to assure you that we will do everything within our power to return to normal operations as soon as possible.

In the interim, if you have impending needs (building flooded, inaccessible building, equipment damage,  etc.) please reach out to us via email at harveyrelief@tmva.org. We would like to hear from you to understand your current situation including:

  • Business Name;
  • Your Name;
  • Available Phone Number;
  • Available Email;
  • Are you open for business?;
  • If no, do you have an estimate or projected date of opening?;
  • Do you have equipment that is damaged due to the storm?;
  • If yes, what equipment is damaged and needs to be replaced?;
  • What are your immediate business needs (Food, etc.)?; and
  • What are your immediate disaster needs (water, food, evacuation, building damage, etc.)?;